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Lessons from the World's Oldest Dog Bobi

In my recent encounter, I stumbled upon a remarkable tale of a dog Bobi that defied time, reportedly the oldest canine in existence at the age of 31. As an avid lover of animals, I find myself contemplating the inherent selfishness of humans in exploiting them for our own pleasure.

Although I refrain from owning a pet, I compensate by surrounding myself with an array of plants, each unique in shape and size, adorning my life with their vibrant presence. It has become our cherished passion, a shared devotion with my wife. She treasures the gift of verdant life in pots, far more than any extravagant trinket. For in plants and trees, I perceive the epitome of existence, rooted in tranquillity, steadfast against all odds, and enabling the vitality of all other life forms to flourish.

Now, let us return to the tale of Bobi. Through the words of its owner, the story unfolds, revealing the essence of the dog's life and prompting profound contemplation on the possibilities it held within its grasp. Rather than indulging my imagination, I shall distil the key elements that likely contributed to the old dog's enduring happiness.

The Environment:

Bobi's owner consciously chose to abandon the frenetic pace of city life and relocate to the tranquil countryside, embracing a simple existence on a serene farm. Bobi, too, savoured the languid rhythm of rural life. Surrounded by unpolluted air, devoid of noise pollution, and immersed in awe-inspiring natural landscapes, Bobi revelled in an infinite playground, never constrained by restraints.

The Food:

In this idyllic setting, the owner diligently cultivated their sustenance, following an organic approach to food production. Bobi partook in the same nourishing fare as its human companion—nothing more, nothing less. Predominantly adhering to a vegetarian diet, both Bobi and its owner appeared untouched by the burden of significant ailments or diseases throughout their three-decade sojourn. As the adage goes, "You are what you eat," and their well-being attested to the profound impact of conscious dietary choices.

Anxiety-Free Life:

Absence of haste, absence of targets—these were the hallmarks of their harmonious existence. The owner and Bobi embraced a life unshackled by time's demands, wandering the property without constraint or fear. This fearless, anxiety-free way of being undoubtedly contributed to the Bobi's radiant health and mirrored the state of its contented owner.


The owner attests to a newfound sense of sufficiency in his life, a stark contrast to the insatiable desires that plagued his former city-dwelling self. They possessed enough—enough food, enough clothing, enough shelter, and most importantly, enough dreams. With abundance pervading their existence, Bobi and its owner were liberated to live fully and improve upon the long, fulfilling life they had acquired.

Undoubtedly, Bobi's tale imparts valuable lessons, eloquently shared through its owner's perspective. While not everyone can realize the dream of living on a farm, it behoves us to consider the choices within our reach. Let us reflect upon the transformative potential that lies within our grasp, and how we might carve a path toward a more meaningful existence. The profound wisdom of an old dog's life awaits contemplation. Its owner for sure will complete a century as well.


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