Top Reviews for Footprint: Live, Love, Lead

Review 1 by Mishhita

A Ride of Emotions

To begin with, every book begins on a dedication note and what caught my attention was something different this time; it did begin with dedication but differently;

"Dedicated to all the sleepless fathers witnessing their sleeping child."

I cannot for a fact digest the depth and the width of this simplest statement; I simply cannot; I don't know how much impact it did to your heart, but for me, it was a very different thing to ponder upon.

I loved the theme of this story, with being fiction and heart touching at the same time; Santosh chose to bring out the morals via depths of the timeline. The story is technically based in Kudi Village, where industrialization and politicians played their part in ruining the village. It is a story of regret and getting over this feeling of regret.

My Favourite Part

"In my short life which I have lived so far, I realized that man fears too much. He is a coward and fails to realize that he needs very little to be happy. This 'very little', however, lies within him and his way of thinking. But he insists on forcing himself onto obsessing over a situation, person, or thing and sets himself to get hurt. He misses the whole point that nothing is permanent. If he attaches himself so firmly to life, then it's natural that death will seem all the more frightening."

These lines fit perfectly to tell you how meaningful this book is; it makes sense to everything I pretend to question.

Review 2 by Mariya Babu Marutholil

This is the Best Best Read

The book is beautiful and enchanting. I must say, I haven't read such a classic one from an author. The book took me for a ride with the romantic and unromantic shores of life. The young man all alone, who left the shore, and the old man accompanied by the sages who reached the shores, for me, was the two perspectives of life!

Will they meet at any point?

I loved its narration. It was as flowy and as philosophical as Khalil Gibran and Osho. The book was a great experience for me. I recommend this for you, even if you are a beginner or a bookworm. You will gonna love it.

Review 3 by Priya Saladi


Books like this are scarce because these books will give you the inspiration you need, the motivation you crave, the mighty wisdom that we all need, and the simplicity we should all have. This is not a very modern book that will make the protagonists go to cafes, restaurants, and chill, but this is the book that is all about life, letting us know the purest meaning of life, focusing purely on simplicity. In simple words, this is a fictional yet philosophical read that makes you think a lot.

This book is about the relationship between a father and son, and this book tells us how pure that relationship is. It also has another main character named Vishwa, who is the bravest person in their village. He has a habit of going deep into the sea at night and stays there for a while. His grandma will be at the seashore to get the diner for him. She is very fond of their village to the extent that she does fasting every Tuesday for the sake of the place. I liked the talks between the father and the son that has taken place in the seashore in the first chapter. To know where their journeys lead them to, then you should read the book.