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Artists Need Passion, Not Time

Artists and Time: Embracing Creativity in a Fast-Paced World There exists an intriguing relationship between artists and time, regardless of whether they are painters, writers, or movie directors. It is widely believed that artists require an abundance of time to bring their creations to life. However, what makes this equation fascinating is that most of their ideas occur in fleeting moments of inspiration. The execution of these ideas may subsequently involve time, depending on the collaboration and involvement of others.

My Life as a Writer

As a writer, I am frequently asked by friends and family how I manage to find time amidst the chaos of life to pursue my craft. While I often perceive these inquiries as mere conversation starters, a recent encounter with a senior colleague nearing retirement left a distinct impression. His question carried a different tone: "You must have enough time to write a book. We are all overwhelmed by work." Irritated by his casual assumption, I responded with a candid question, "Even if given time, sir, would you be able to write a book?" I continued, emphasizing that writing demands passion, not merely time.

What is Your Passion?

Rather than probing my already perturbed colleague about his passion, I recognized the significance of introspection in a society perpetually consumed by busyness. The poignant questions we must confront are: "What is your passion?" and "What drives you beyond the constraints of time and comfort?" I recall another colleague who became disoriented during an extended festival holiday, unsure of how to spend the additional time. He resorted to visiting customers to stay grounded, fearing the loss of routine.

I posed a question to him as well, "Do you not even have a hobby?" When discussions of early retirement arise, I urge others to prioritize the early discovery of their passions. Without this essential foundation, retirement may breed restlessness, guilt, and boredom.

How Today's Society is Designed?

The modern world is cunningly structured to limit our capacity for creation unless we fiercely prioritize it. Society constantly urges us to immerse ourselves in screens, dictating our actions and hypnotizing our thoughts. Though the term "hypnotizing" may sound severe, it reflects an undeniable truth, regardless of its intensity.

One particularly concerning consequence of this societal shift is the diminishing habit of reading books. I firmly believe that a person's choice of books differentiates them from others. Today, the habit of reading itself has become a distinguishing factor. I maintain a strong conviction that books nurture intellect, while excessive screen time fosters complacency. The simple act of picking up a book and reading those initial pages can have a profound impact on one's life. The question then arises, can he do it?

The first step lies in purchasing a book, which subconsciously signifies a commitment to allocate time for reading. This parallels the way we purchase movie tickets to experience a film. Unfortunately, the time allocated to movies is ephemeral, whereas books remain with us, offering everlasting enlightenment and yet we postpone the much-needed growth.

Creators are Outliers:

We inhabit a society plagued by a scarcity of time. Man is compelled to run so fast that he is denied the luxury of introspection beyond the relentless rat race. We are conditioned to believe that our lives come at the expense of others, leading to a depletion of the richness life has to offer. I have chosen to confront and resist this narrative, carving my own path while ensuring the creation of happiness along the way. This is precisely what artists do; they perceive beauty in the midst of this chaotic world and endeavor to share it with others. They become creators, fashioning a world so exquisite that their impact transcends mortality in this transient existence.

Creators need not be bound by the confines of time. Instead, they harness their passion to defy societal expectations and create something profoundly meaningful. In a world that often values productivity and speed, we must recognize the intrinsic value of creativity and the transformative power it holds. Let us embrace our passions, cherish the fleeting moments of inspiration, and cultivate a more vibrant and authentic existence.


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