Feed the Salt, Sell the Water

"Crying Baby gets the milk."

The above is a well-known saying which I assume shares its relevance beyond boundaries of language and geography.

My question is, "What if the baby is not crying and it refuses to drink milk?"

Well, seasoned mothers do something which the new mommies are afraid to do. They pinch the baby a little, make them cry and eventually solace them with the milk awaiting its due.

This might sound harsh to some, but it's a harsh reality to many.

This Harsh reality is what I want to discuss today and proceed further with a couple more examples.

The Electricity Guy

A gold mine to a bad electrician

This incident happened when I was heading a branch office in Chennai. There used to be recurrent power problems at my branch almost twice or thrice a month. This had become so regular that our schedules were planned according to the anticipated power struggles at the branch.

Thankfully there was one local electrician working for the State Electricity Board who always comes to our rescue. He got so acquainted with our problems and the connections that he could get the things right in less than an hour every time. He almost became a part-time worker at the branch and got paid hefty tips to help us restore our services in times of emergency.

After a long time after his transfer to a different location, we realized that he was the culprit causing us the emergency in the first place. He was tampering with our electrical connections every time he was in need of money. All this while he was getting rewarded for the crime he was posing on us.

The Second example

It is not always the individuals like the wrong electricians who do this act, but big established companies make it a source of their income. The following example elaborates it.

My wife had presented me with an HP laptop a couple of years before for my birthday. The interesting thing was that she was offered two years free subscription to famous antivirus software and a colour inkjet printer along with the laptop.

To begin with, it looks like a deal for an average person who wants to protect his brand new computer. But do you know, once the antivirus gets expired, there is an increased possibility of threats to your computer? Its because most of this malware and viruses are not created by the hackers but by the Antivirus company themselves to stay relevant and profitable.

They create their virus, and they create their antivirus, which detects them and deletes them. Who better understands the virus better than its creator? Finally, no Anti Virus company would ever admit this and they will propagate the same on the internet via their messengers.

The Third example

Before you conclude that this is all evil, I have an example that shows how some companies utilize this act positively.

During my final days of my MBA, we were getting ready for our home journeys from the city. We had gathered at the Mc Donald's to have one final goodbye. After a complete meal, we were on our return journey when one of my friends remembered that he had forgotten to get back the burgers parcel he had ordered for his journey back home. Since we had not gone too far, we decided to walk back to McDonald's to take the parcel.

When we reached the place, we were informed that they trash every leftover after the table service as per their work protocol. But the interesting point to note is that when my friend told them about the parcel he had left behind by mistake, they immediately offered their sorry and replaced him with a new package that had all of his initial order and an additional pack of fish and chips.

If there is one thing that I want to inform you which will explain everything is that my friend became so loyal to McDonald's that he ditched KFC despite loving its fried chicken.

What happened here was not an intentional mistake by McDonald yet interestingly, some organizations create deliberate errors and losses to their customers only to reward them later and make them their loyal customers for a lifetime.

The Dark example

Neils Hogel

While we are speaking of the monetary benefit an individual or a company can extract with this act, let me give you the example where someone has gone to the extent of becoming a serial killer just to feel appreciated.