Kurinji - Missing a Miracle

Kurinji flower blooms once every 12 years only in South Indian mountain ranges with its cold climate. It’s an experience to see them bloom and paint the mountain blue.

Kurinji Mountain

The Miracle Story Manan’s eyes were closed, but his heart was wide open. He was grasping every bit of nature’s view. He opened his eyes again to look at the blue mountain, which was different a few months month back. He bent down and whispered into his son’s ear, “The last time when this mountain was blue, my head was full of hair.” Ritvik giggled at his father’s comment and asked, “When was that?” “12 years back. The blue flower which gives this amazing colour blooms once in 12 years.” “12 years, but why? When other flowers can bloom every day, then why can’t this?” asked Ritvik eagerly. “Mmm... that’s a tough one to answer, but let me try.” After a little thought, Manan said, “God, while creating life installed a little clock into everyone, including you and me. And while doing this, he made sure that in everyone’s life important events happen at the right time and therefore he sort of installed an activation alarm for these events. For this Kurinji flower, he had set the alarm at 12 years for them to bloom and rejuvenate.” “I see, so what does the clock inside me say dad?” asked Ritvik eagerly anticipating the answer. “Well as of now it says that you will receive your chocolate from your dad and you will go and help your mom in packing things.” Ritvik grabbed the chocolate bar from his father’s hand and hurried towards his mother. Manan turned back facing the blue mountain again and said “I don’t know why but you feel like God to me, please keep my family happy, especially the little one. He is pure and innocent, just like you”. Saying these words, Manan started walking towards his wife with moist eyes.

After all the packing, when the vehicle was about to move, Ritvik shouted: “Wait a minute, I want to loo.” With his Family waiting inside the car, Ritvik hurried out towards the nearby tree. With all his might, he plucked a young tender Kurinji plant and pushed it into his backpack before running back to the car. The Family started their journey and reached home before dark. The next day the Family had to leave early to the airport for their overseas trip. Everyone woke up late, and with all their last-minute antics, they made it into their cab on time. They transmitted all their anxiety into the drivers head and started dozing again. Midway to the Airport, Ritvik wanted to pee again. While peeing near a tree, the thought of the Kurinji plant struck him. He was sure that they couldn’t go back home to plant it, so he decided to plant it somewhere near. Without further delay, he rushed to a corner of the road and started digging the soft soil there. He felt a gush of chill breeze soothing him.

He planted the Kurinji, watered it using his water bottle and said: “Grow up little one, I will miss you”. Saying these words, he kissed the plant and sprinted back to the car. While running, he noticed a young girl smiling at her, he smiled back and continued running. The girl was speaking to her favourite little God, who was seated inside a miniature temple, a short distance away from the Kurinji plant. She had overhead Ritvik’s talking to the plant and admired his innocence. She walked towards the plant and noticed parts of the roots uncovered in soil. She planted it correctly and decided to water it every time she visits her God. Ritvik had planted the Kurinji at the backside of a government ice factory. The Leak in their A/c unit was the reason for the cool breeze which fortunately suited the Kurinji plant’s original habitat. Meanwhile, the water leakage of the condenser unit at night was reaching the Kurinji plant without getting waterlogged.

The girl took good care of the plant every time she visited her God. Days became months, and months became years. The Kurinji plant grew into a bigger plant, and the girl grew into a beautiful young lady. Her love for her favourite God and the Kurinji continued to remain the same as ever. One fine day, she approached the plant with a long face and watered it slowly with tears in her eyes. She did not say anything and walked away. The next day she was accompanied by a young man, and they both offered their prayers at the temple. After the prayer, she took him to the Kurinji plant and expressed something through her eyes which said, “This is what I was worried about.”

The young guy gave a good look at the plant and decided to something about its safety. He built a wooden railing around it for protection. He also made a pathway to guide the condenser water from the A/c unit reach the Kurinji. The couple spent some more time with the Kurinji and left the road with their heavy steps. In a week, the wooden railing around the plant was removed by a passerby to use as firewood. The same day, a passerby goat pulled out the little tiny branches of Kurinji. Munching it for some time, it spat out the leaves. It eagerly looked around and found some nice juicy grass to munch on to change its taste sensation. The Kurinji plant, with its body torn into two pieces, was still having a part of its root firm in the soil. It took a very long time for the plant to revive back.

Over time, weeds started growing around the Kurinji plant. Standing amidst the weeds, Kurinji was hardly recognizable; however, it continued to grow big and strong. When things were beginning to look suitable for the plant, there was a sudden inspection of the site by a civil engineer. The corporation sent him to inspect the area for a possible road extension. He examined the site and made the blueprint for the new road construction. The Government started to implement its road widening plan by destroying the unauthorized building on the roadsides. The second thing to be destroyed were the big trees which once had given shade to the freedom fighters who were marching on this road fighting for an independent nation. Then the final job was to destroy the little bushes, which included the Kurinji plant.

Within a week, the corporation started destroying illegal buildings and big trees on the road. Two days after doing this, when they were about to begin the weeds cleaning job, they noticed a little temple on the roadside. Just when the authorities started to demolish the temple, they saw a group of half-naked people wearing a dhoti approaching them with red faces. A big fight erupted with further people joining the protest against the Govt. After a big discussion, the job got halted for a day. A Case against the Govt was registered. This case, just like all other cases, started its long journey with a new paper file and an old public prosecutor.

The Kurinji which could have been the next target got saved by the little God proving the theory that God is the same everywhere irrespective of its shape and size. Meanwhile, the chillness and the water leak from the A/c coolant plant began to increase over time, and it was not suitable for the Kurinji plant. The waterlogging with extreme temperature was threatening Kurinji’s life. Just when it was about to immerse into the waterlogged, the chillness stopped suddenly. Some Person was finally inside the A/c plant to repair the unit which gave a new lease of life to Kurinji. Kurinji stuck to the basics of survival and continued to be a living miracle among the concrete dreamers. The Kurinji started to grow more prominent, and thanks to the juicy grass nearby, the roaming goats and cows never approached it. It was big enough to search its water and to adjust to the climate around.