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RIP Sushant

I was coming out of a quarantine facility where the doctors serving the corona patients were staying. Everyone at the facility looked restless. They must have finished a duty or about to start one soon. For the first time, I saw so much anxiety in the doctor's eyes. They are nothing less than God even during the routine days, and now with the corona taking centre stage, they deserve much more.

Unfortunately, with no medicine in the vicinity for corona, I fail even to imagine the future of their horrific duties. With my wife leading one of those corona duties, my heart will always beat for them.

I started driving back home, leaving my wife to serve humanity. I witnessed crowd everywhere, and I failed to understand the need for it on a Sunday in Chennai, which is a corona hotspot. I don't think I will be wrong if I say stupid people not just put the lives of others in danger but also add to the load of the already burdened medical facility. Without a doubt, any single infection in a family can put the whole family into unrest. Older the other family members, dreadful will be the state.

As I was waiting at the signal, I noticed an old lady with some heavy bags sitting on the road pavement. She looked exhausted. She was wearing her mask, which was hanging from her ears. It seems she has a long distance to cover before she can call it home. Tears rolled out from my eyes.

I understand corona had put the livelihood of many people at stake and yet I fail to understand why people as old as she had to struggle to earn. For them, the corona is just an additional pain to a life filled with it.

Throughout the drive, my sadness for the lady slowly got converted into inspiration. Maybe she taught me I can serve until late in my life and can try to make a change in someone's life. She taught me not to self-pity, even at that stage of life. I smiled as I reached home and prayed for her strength.

Once home, I was on my laptop when the suicide news of the young actor Sushant Singh Rajput flashed. I could hardly believe my eyes. It's not that I am a fan of his acting, but I always felt that for a boy from Patna making it to the top of Bollywood, all my himself is no joke. He must have toiled big time. He left his engineering to pursue his passion, and he persevered it all to become a hero. This news just killed the smile I was having for that old lady on the pavement.

I know depression is a big thing, but I also know that he was well educated to get him out of it. With so much early success and fame, he failed to witness what the rest of the world is like. He must have seen that old lady saving her breath to continue her walk. He must have made another call to someone less privileged than him.

He must have persevered his fight against the depression just for some more time just the way he persevered his career so far. All we can say is If only but a life lost is as simple as a second lost, it can't be retrieved. Good for him, he has left some impressions which shall remain longer than his short career.


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