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The Forgotten Art of Walking: Rediscovering the World on Foot

Picture a lazy Saturday morning when the mundane routine is shattered by a spontaneous decision to embark on a new adventure. As a parent, I yearned to inject excitement into my children's lives, to liberate them from the confines of their all-encompassing digital existence. In a world of overprotectiveness and countless online delivery options, it was time for my kids to experience something different—a simple walk to the nearby supermarket to buy their favourite snacks.

Little did I know that this seemingly ordinary outing would transform into a profound revelation for both me and my children. As they strolled along bustling streets, eagerly searching for their chosen treats within a budget, I discreetly trailed behind, ensuring their safety from a distance.

What unfolded during their expedition astounded me. The mere act of walking, often taken for granted, became an extraordinary journey of discovery. Enveloped in their own world, my children traversed unfamiliar terrain, hopping from one shop to another, venturing farther from home. It was during these fleeting moments, as I stealthily observed from behind a tree, that I realized what I had been missing all those years of commuting on the very same streets.

Between those two seemingly insignificant streets, a revelation awaited me. The beautiful houses with enchanting gardens emerged from the backdrop, unnoticed during my years of hasty travel. Countless new shops had sprung up in the vicinity, unseen by my hurried eyes. A mysterious abandoned house sparked my curiosity, and a serene park housed a solitary child engrossed in play. Familiar faces, now changed by time, unexpectedly crossed my path. Oh, how I could delve into the romanticism of those weekends and endless holidays!

In those few minutes of walking, I discovered that the world transforms when we slow down and embrace the pace of our own footsteps. Regretfully, I wished I had experienced this more frequently. By merely walking, I could have become a different person, with a broader perspective on life. However, it is never too late to seize the present moment, for reality lies solely within our grasp. From that day forth, I vowed to take every opportunity to wander on foot.

My mind wandered back to my childhood days, when walking was an integral part of daily life. We walked miles to school, hand in hand with cousins and friends, exploring unfamiliar routes along the way. We chased grasshoppers and butterflies, intoxicated by the fragrant allure of blooming flowers. Our journey was unrestricted, unburdened by concerns of tardiness. I yearned for my children to taste the freedom we once relished. Alas, their generation is shackled by parental confusion, unsure whether to nurture a street-smart child or groom an intellect for elite institutions.

With the advent of two-wheelers and four-wheelers, many have forsaken the simple act of walking. Even for short trips down the road, we surrender to the comforts of wheels. A car-addicted individual hesitates to mount a bicycle. While these swift modes of transportation enable us to reach our destinations faster, the speed at which we travel compels us to think quicker, move on swiftly, and disconnect from the people and places that surround us.

Walking, however, is not merely a physical activity; it is a gateway to subtle connections with our surroundings. It grants us the opportunity to clear our thoughts and rejuvenate our minds. Walking enables us to perceive the world, nature, and its creations at a slower, more intimate pace. I hold the belief that those who walk together stay together, far more than those who merely drink together.

It is my earnest belief that everyone should seize every chance to walk. This simple act bestows not only physical health but also immense happiness. So, the next time you set out for the shop down the street, choose to take a walk. Consider parking your vehicle and embarking on a journey of exploration to uncover new places and deepen your connection with the world around you. Walk in different locales, at different times, on different days, with different companions, and with diverse thoughts. These combinations, in all their varied glory, transform walking into one of humanity's most treasured activities.


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