The Wisdom Gardener - Part II

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Sendhil got ready for his office and started to walk towards his car. Just before entering his car, he saw Subbu working in the garden.

He went near Subbu and asked, “Started your work already?” “Yes, Sir, I have made a grand plan for the garden. I shall discuss it with you in the evening,” answered Subbu.

“That’s great. So tell me what to intend to do first?” asked Sendhil again. “Well Sir, I intend to remove the weeds first. This is the first thing I always do before getting into the main act,” answered Subbu.

“Mmm, go ahead then, we shall catch up in the evening,” said Sendhil and left for his office. Subbu continued to remove the weeds for a couple of hours and then started to work again on his garden plan. He created a comprehensive plan which included various aspects of gardening like creating manure, water spray system, sun shades and choosing the right plants for the garden. After working on it for more than an hour, he decided to show it to Priya and get her feedback.

Subbu entered the house and realized that the maid was feeding the couple’s kid and Priya was watching television, sitting comfortably in the sofa.

“Good Morning Madam “greeted Subbu. Priya turned back and saw Subbu standing behind him with a piece of paper. She immediately responded, “Can you wait for five minutes? Let this serial finish first.” Realizing that Priya immersed into the Television, Subbu stood still not saying a word. Ignoring Subbu, Priya continued to watch the serial in which the hero surprises his wife with a special gift on their anniversary in a moving train.

Priya got emotionally bonded with the wife’s character and smiled whenever she smiled and cried whenever she cried. By the time the serial got over, Priya realized that she was totally in a different world all this while. She smiled at Subbu, indicating her sorry and asked him to take a seat.

“It is alright Madam. I prefer to stand.” said Subbu in a humble voice and asked, “Are you on leave today?”

“No, I was too tired today, and I preferred to work from home, and my office accepted it,” answered Priya.

“Good for you Madam. I came to show My Garden plan to you. Just in case, if you needed any change in it, I shall incorporate it.” said Subbu.

Priya took the paper from Subbu and opened to see it. Just when she started to read the plan, a movie trailer of a forthcoming film was shown on the television. This took away Priyas concentration from the plan to the trailer.

After watching the trailer, Priya said to Subbu, “I want to watch this movie. I am a big fan of Vikas.”

Subbu smiled and did not reply a word. “What happened? You don’t like him?” asked Priya, surprised by Subbu’s silence. “Not at all Madam, I am also a big fan of him. I am a big fan of his character than his movies,” said Subbu.

“What do you know about his character?” asked Priya again surprised with Subbu’s statement. “Pretty Much Madam, I had worked as a servant for him for more than a year” smiled Subbu. “Are you serious? Then why did you leave that job?” asked Priya unable to control her excitement.

“Well Madam, I was working for him three years ago when he was at the bottom of his career. All his four movies flopped continuously, and he was also down financially and was unable to pay his debts."

"He was unable to pay my salary as well, and he requested me to leave the job. I wanted to work with no pay, but he refused to oblige. So I had to leave the job and search for alternatives” explained Subbu.

“Are you serious? Did he pass through that much trouble? I knew he had a shaky career initially, but I couldn’t imagine this much could have happened to him” said Priya.

“Believe me, Madam, even his wife left him during this phase, and this had hurt him very badly” “Oh really, Are they divorced?”

“No Madam. They are together now.”

“How come Vikas can accept her now?” Priya was keen.

“I believe it is because of the love he had for his wife. When his wife left him, I was there with him. I saw him crying for the whole day. When I tried to console him, he said something to me which I could never forget” said Subbu.

“What did he say?” “He said,” I know she had disappointed me, but my love for her is real. This feeling of pain and hurt doesn’t deter my love for her, and it will never also.”

“Can there be such a love?” asked Priya in amazement. “Madam, like what Vikas said, I also believe true love is unconditional.” “Then what about his wife, how can she get back to him after disappointing him that badly,” asked Priya.

“Well Madam, like I said before he believes in his love and never tries to judge others.” “Good to listen to that. Thank God he has succeeded now; otherwise, his life could be still terrible.”

“Very true, but I still think he would not have taken this success to his head. He very well knows that people will always try to find some reason whether for his success or failure, but only his perseverant honest attitude will keep him going,” said Subbu.

“You seem to know more about Vikas, and you sound intelligent too. I think you are in a wrong job” said Priya smilingly. Subbu smiled back and said, “I believe time and experience makes one intelligent Madam. I am sure you must be intelligent in your way as well.”

“I can only wish for that. All I am good at is reading other people’s life and their lifestyle. Except for what you had said about Vikas, I know a lot more about his present-day life.” said Priya.

“That’s a good thing, Madam. Maybe someone’s life can inspire you to do something good.” Subbu replied.

“It can be good only in theory, but in reality, there are far more practical difficulties to face.” “Well Madam, in that case, you must be selective in taking the inspiration.” smiled Subbu.

“I will try to do that” Priya smiled back and continued, “ You know what I try to take inspiration even from the movies and the serials I see, but somehow or the other I end up losing it in no time.”

“That’s because you are more into the characters than the concept. Sometimes I wonder that we are no different from a schizophrenic person who lives in his illusion. We too by way of movies and television are living in some person’s illusion accepting the drama and the characters as real. In fact, we understand those characters better than our own people. This is how the present-day entertainment media had engulfed our time and temperament.” said Subbu.

“You surprise me every time with your insights. I simply cannot refuse any of your thoughts. These actors consume our time and still make millions out of it.” said Priya.

Subbu smiled, “Madam, I am not saying it’s not important, but what I am trying to say is that there are more important things in life before that. Since you raised the money part, I remember what Vikas told me one day that when someone begins to see the money a player gets for his game, he loses out the fun of watching the match.”

Priya sat still trying to comprehend all that she had heard in this little period and was wondering if she was attending a special lecture by her Gardener. She slowly went through the Garden plan and was impressed by the efforts Subbu had put on it. The Gardening Sendhil returned home tired from the office in the evening. Before entering the house, he glanced at the garden, and there was a huge set of plants kept to get planted. He saw Subbu digging holes at various locations in the garden.

“This is huge Subbu. Do you think all these plants can manage to survive here? You must have started with a little, to begin with” said Sendhil.

“Sir, I would have tried it if I was given more time, but since I have one three months, I took the risk of getting all of it at the same time. I also have the vegetable seeds to be planted at the backyard,” explained Subbu.

“Ok, how do you manage to buy all of these? Did you spend your money?” “No, Sir. Madam had given me the money. She liked the plan, and she wanted me to start executing it today.”

“So finally I am out of the equation, is it not?” said Sendhil annoyed by Priya’s interference. “Why do you say so, Sir? All these plants will get planted by you and Madam only. I will take care of the rest of the work.” said Subbu.

“Mmm, let me freshen up and relax for some time. I shall join you in an hour.” Sendhil reciprocated.

“Sir, you just freshen up Sir, the plants will take care of the relaxing part.” Smiled Subbu.

“As you say Mr Wisdom gardener. “Sendhil smiled back and le