Travel Unlimited

The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine.

It was the second month of my duty at the Spanish cruise vessel. I was still trying to identify myself from a strange place and strange people. The new countries and the new people made me disappear in this turbulence. My chief called me through the walkie talkie. I thought that he wanted me to interpret and answer the company mail, which used to be in English. Thanks to the European’s poor English, I had better respect and presence in the ship. Looking at e the chief asked, “you go to pizza?” Without a gap, I replied, “yes Mastura, I like to go to Pisa tower.”

Pisa Tower

After an hour I found myself seated in the bus at Civitavecchia, Italy on its trip to Pisa tower. It was raining that time, and thankfully I was fully prepared with the requisites. The bus started and soon, my memories as well.

The voyage to Pisa was one of the most memorable journeys of my lifetime. The pleasant climate, beautiful houses, spotless greenery, remarkable architecture, happy people and fabulous gardens. These visions made me get into a trance. I was thinking about those beautiful incidents that had happened during my cruise days which enriched my jelly with wonderful memories.

Civitavecchia port
Italy country side house

I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Event One:

The homeport of my cruise vessel was Barcelona, Spain. Spanish had been my favourite language for no particular reasons and also their architecture. Every time we reach our homeport, we have a port stay for two days to get new passengers and bid the old ones.

It was a busy time for all the officers, including me, since it is the only free time when the maintenance works are done at the ship. At Barcelona, I visit shopping malls and the central city; however, I wanted to explore Barcelona to its fullest.

That day the maintenance work was going on, and the ship's chart was getting prepared. Suddenly we got news saying that the port stay will get extended for one more day due to some charterer problem. This break gave a chance for me to realize my wish. My chief gave me a green signal; however, he ordered me to come back in time. I had one entire day with me to explore Barcelona.

Barcelona Ramla

Once out of the port, the first thing I did was to get a bus and leave to the famous church in Barcelona. The next thing I did was to get another bus and to move to the renowned mountain fort. I used a cable car for transit between the mountains.

Those were beautiful sceneries, to see the entire Barcelona from the top of the mountain. Then witnessing this magnificent port, I got back to another bus to get into the outskirts of Barcelona. This time I was not sure where I was going. For all that, I believed I wanted to see this beautiful place in its entirety.

sagrada familia church
Montjuic Mountain Castle - Barcelona

I was in the middle of some other central city with beautiful skyscrapers and ancient architecture. I got into a museum where something on ships and titanic kinds of stuff was displayed. It was amazing to see everyone smiling at me at the first instant itself. It was a Monday morning, but still, I could see young working people relaxed with ice creams on their hands.

The roadside restaurant, with its beautiful waitress, in their fabulous costumes, is itself a treat to watch. It was interesting to see the table tennis tables, sports arenas at every corner of the city. I was wondering why this can’t happen in India? What makes people in our towns so busy that they don’t even bother to look at the dead bodies on their way to their office or homes.

Barcelona Museum

Anyways I was pursuing my dream travel to Barcelona city. It was getting dark, and I was still not sure where I was roaming around. It began to rain. I was enjoying it, but I know I have to get back to the ship. Not sure how to proceed with, I started asking people for the routes. Unfortunately, no one understood English.

There was this beautiful lady who started running seeing me approaching her, speaking gibberish in the rain. Now I realized I have just an hour left to reach my ship, and I was too far from my destination. Even then, I was not panicking. Maybe I would have thought even if I don’t make it; I would end up getting lost in a beautiful city, which I don’t mind.