Who is the Most Powerful?

It's Official; I haven't seen any news channel for the past two months. I am not sure if Corona has subsided or not, but for sure my anxiety has. Irrespective of not seeing the News, I am very much aware that the virus is still present and its medicine isn't.

Irrespective of not seeing the News, I still know that the face mask, sanitizer and a safe distance continues to remain as the closest God to safeguard us from the virus. Well, if I know all of this without watching the News, what all could have I known by seeing it. My answer would be, "Nothing much that can add value to my life."

Well, I had the option to jump to Android tv, which enabled me to skip the DTH once for all. This is not the case with everyone, especially when every fourth channel today is a news channel. Technology is changing rapidly, and so is the media. News need not be read out by a newsreader anymore.

Today everything from an Insta feed to a WhatsApp forward can be classified as News. This is something that had been disturbing my conscience off late. No matter how differently technology develops, media finds new ways to evolve and continue to remain the most powerful force on earth.

I say it is the most powerful force just for the fact that it can make you listen, see, feel and even think the way it wants you to. It can create a government or destroy a nation. It can make you an overnight celebrity or can get you into instant depression.

For the sake of clarity and ease of discussion, I resort to discussing just the news part of the media. Interestingly News time today is nothing less than a prime-time entertainment, unlike the Doordarshan days when we rush out for our lives whenever the news countdown starts.

Unlike those times, today, News channels don't stop just with the News; they end up interpreting it just to make it more interesting. They show us what they want us to see. Viewers take it up from there. The whole idea starts with what gets shown, what gets told and what gets interpreted.

This does not mean; all is wrong, and all News are manipulated. In fact, I believe, News media have prospered for one reason, giving people what they want. I am not against the media. I see it as a reflection of society. They show what people want until otherwise, they get paid well enough to start manipulating it.

All said and done; it's a continuous business as it is based on the people's ability to forget quickly as much as they can learn quickly.

News: Curiosity and Sensitivity

Today every News has to grab attention. Some interesting starts are

And then this happened…

What happened inside the…

The secret side of …

The dirty secrets of….

The only thing which can…

The top 3 things which can make…. And on and on and on

Interestingly starting with a headline like this will invoke anyone's curiosity to read more. Most often the News ends up flat wasting our time and energy. With the ever-reducing concentration span of humans, the media has very little time to pull one's interest. They don't mind getting people agitated after reading the News as their mission is accomplished for the day.

But how long will this continue? Man's curiosity over time will get diminished if its limits get tested every time. One other aspect of human nature, which is declining with today's media is his sensitivity to events.

Sensational News is not only making us sensationless as well as senseless over time. Each episode begins with attention-grabbing bad News. We're simply riveted by stories of tragic events or violent criminal acts. The fear is not the recurring sensitive News but our sensitivities which keeps stretching to new limits.

Bad News just doesn't affect nightly news ratings; it also strongly affects our happiness. The negativity bias doesn't mean you can't be happy. But if you're happy, you're happy despite it.

The actual problem with the news channel today is how they stereotype single News and in turn, invite judgement from everybody. When media starts stereotyping individual incidents to their people, they forget that the world too has started judging the land because of it.