World's Limit Vs Your Limit

The Interview

Adi pressed the bell to call the next candidate to Interview. He glanced through the resume while the candidate got seated, looking bright in his new coat.

“So, Mr Ashish, do you read books?” asked Adi straightaway, starting his Interview.

“Yes, sir “, replied Ashish.

“What’s your favourite one?” Adi asked.

“The Secret is my all-time favourite book Sir” replied Ashish. He was well prepared for this question which he had marked under the hobbies section questions list.

Adi replied, “That’s interesting, looks everyone loves The Secret in this campus.”

Ashish smiled and was thinking about how to differentiate his perceptive of the secret from others.

“What is that you like about this book?” Adi asked.

“Sir, this book is so positive that it makes you believe that anything is possible and all that you need is to wish truly from the heart,” Ashish said.

“Really? Adi asked again.

Ashish wasn’t sure how to answer the “really” part but persisted “Sir, all I can say is that this book brings some certainty to your life if you can understand and relate to it.”

“That’s Nonsense. Just reading a book and believing the Universe to work for you is absurd. The Universe is as lazy as the rest of us” Adi said and asked him again “Now tell me what do you mean by the word certainty?”

Ashish felt that all he can do now is to take a free practice for his next Interview and said: “certainty is something which makes you sure about something.”

“Exactly and tell me what are you sure about in life?” asked Adi.

“Sir, maybe nature,” said Ashish, trying not to add anything more to that list.

“It’s a Nil. There is nothing in this world which you can be sure of, and this is what makes the companies like us thrive. Industries like us are dedicated to dispelling uncertainty – like financial consulting, which tries to provide a sense of certainty utilizing their strategic forecasting and planning. ”

Ashish kept listening to Adi like a mute spectator.

Adi continued speaking “In fact, we feel less stressed when facing a task over which we have control and autonomy than the other way round. This feeling explains everything, and it all comes down to comfort and happiness.”

Ashish nodded his head, accompanied by a serious face to indicate his understanding.

“Okay Ashish, I am giving you another chance to get back. Now, imagine you started having some problem with your mobile touch screen, and some of the letters cannot be typed. One section of the touch screen has gone bad, and you need to send a mail badly. What will you do?” asked Adi.

“I might use my friend’s mobile sir” replied Ashish.

“You are travelling alone in the middle of the desert” replied Adi sharply.

“Sir, frankly speaking, I had encountered this problem personally as well. When a pixel goes bad, then it’s almost impossible to revive it back. Sometimes pressing hard works, but I believe in getting the touch screen replaced than messing with it” replied Ashish.

Adi was keenly listening to Ashish and asked him “What about the mail?”

“Sir, I will try to write the mail trying to avoid those letters which can’t be typed or even type with mistakes to get the mail sent,” said Ashish.

Adi remained silent for a minute.