May I Fly


A brief before the blog This blog is about that one day which is the life span of a Mayfly. Mayfly’s lifecycle is one of the fascinating stories in the natural world. I will try my best to give its story in a few lines before my blog takes over. Once mated, the female Mayfly will fall onto the water surface to lie motionless, with her wings flat on the surface, where fish pick them off at their leisure. The male fly rarely returns to the water, but instead, he goes off to die on the nearby land. The eggs fall to the bottom of the water where they stick to plants and stones. The nymphs take anything between a few days to several weeks to hatch, and the resultant larvae will spend various lengths of time, up to two years, foraging on the bottom before emerging as an adult fly. As an adult and with just 24 hours to live, they make sure they survive the enemy, participate in the mass dance ceremony, find its partner, love, creates its next-generation before signing off.

May I Fly – 24 hours Living Eternity I got deposited on a freshwater river stream along with my thousands of brothers & sisters. I was enjoying a happy drift in those tiny water passages and enjoyed those little pats my friends did on me on their voyage across me. During the journey, I witnessed new members joining us who were deposited on the stones and rocks nearby.

I felt their happy cry once they touched the water surface. They felt their purpose of life was solved when they joined us. Our roller coaster ride in the water was a joy ride, to begin with until we started realizing that some of our friends started missing. Something inside told me that all is not well. I have to save myself from witnessing my beautiful future.

Mayfly Eggs

My conscience told me that there are jumping dragons and swimming devils all around us. Although I am still an infant, I manoeuvred my way through those streams with my determined mind. I kept moving and moving with my ever-reducing friend's gang for days together.

Over the days, I started to become heavy, and I was slowly getting inside the water, and so were my friends. We started free-falling inside the deep waters until we reached the cushion bed filled with green food. We were amazed at the ability to feed ourselves on them. We started getting bigger and bigger.

Mayfly Larvae
Mayfly Nymph

Once inside the deep waters, life came to a standstill. With a clear mind and with no movements and no fear, I started to visualize who I am. Something inside told me that I am getting ready for a big future, full of joy and conscience. Although I was unable to feel my friends nearby, I sensed the same vibrations all around. This stage of standstill continued for days and months together. I realized that my release from this stage would happen only when I satisfy all the requirements for it. I kept meditating as I saved energy for my liberation. I began to see my wildest future life with all its colours. I considered that my meditation at this infancy for happy adulthood is crucial.

The Hunt mode is on
More Danger

As I started to feel that fear was a distant dream now, I heard some shocking cries nearby. My fear of those swimming devils started to ignite again. I have been sacrificing more than a year preparing for a beautiful future, but now it looks that all of it can disappear anytime. I had to act, or I lose everything, I began to scream out at all those flying devils and jumped. I shouted for my people around me, not to fear as it is making them weaker. I started to move in all possible ways reaching out to as much distance as possible and shouting as loud as possible. Then suddenly, the miracle happened. I started to fly. My wings had developed in no time, and so did my body. I flew above the water, above the land, above the trees, above all. At this instant, I knew I was getting ready all this time for this day.

I looked around, and I could see all the beautiful colours which I have seen in my dreams so far. I saw a beautiful rainbow near the waterfront welcoming me through. I was shouting in joy with tears running on my cheeks. I heard a huge buzzing sound coming close to me. On turning back, it was the beautiful flight of all my beautiful people who were with me all these days. All of us looked at each other for the first time, and we instantly bonded. We started feeling so much energy inside us as if we don’t need to eat any more. Maybe that’s why God has not spent much time designing our organs. We felt we have so much to see, and we started exploring in all directions. Some wanted to dance, and some wanted to sing. When there is so much to enjoy and explore inside and outside you, Heavens will appear.

Just when everything was heavenly, something strange happened. A big net was thrown upon us by some aliens. Those aliens were trying to catch us. Some of the aliens were holding the swimming devil, which I used to see during my nightmares. Instantly reality stuck me; our lives are in danger. I started to fly away harder and harder, and so did my people. During the flight, one of the alien's nets hit me hard on my wings. I lost my balance instantly and was falling apart when I felt a warm hand holding my damaged wing. This enabled me to take control of my flight. The hand was tender but strong enough to keep my balance and integrity. I looked at her eyes and instantly felt I was born again. She smiled and gave a small pat on my back. The aliens were not that far from us, we had a long flight to save ourselves, but this time there was no fear inside me. My wound didn't hurt me anymore, and I kept feeling heaven again. We flew across the river, mountains, woods and villages. We reached the culmination spot of our people, a place of true liberty.

All of our people reach this spot to celebrate their living with great fanfare. They dance their hearts out till their last breath of energy. I joined the dance with her. I entered the dance zone with her, and so did everyone with their partners.

The Dance