Me and My Habit of Running - Guest Blog

For all good reasons, walking is rejuvenating. More than walking (slow) running has always been an enriching experience for me. When we run, apart from physical fitness, we can also have the sheer joy of experiencing different thoughts in our mind.

There is no pre-programmed sequence for those thoughts. It pops up with its natural turn or out of pure spontaneity. Sometimes, it can be a single thought for a complete lap. At times, it also offers a volley of thoughts.

Apart from these thoughts, the running moments provides answers to many unanswered questions of the past. Yes, we can enjoy a lot of 'me time' in its abundance or its highest form if we are running solo. When we run in formation or when we run with others, we are bound to discuss/chat with our buddy runners.

We may be able to enjoy the 'we time' rather than 'me time' over there. But then, running in a group always motivates us a lot, especially when we are mentally tired. More remarkably, either as solo or in a group, when we run, our quality of thoughts are much better when compared to those indoor moments like a caged parrot.

At times, during the run, we turn to be more conscious about our immediate surroundings. We can then enjoy the greenery [if available] around us in its minutest details.

Beautiful multicoloured flowers of various sizes and shapes are indeed a treat for our eyes if it is there. When we look at those flowers, they often acknowledge our look with their happy outlook as if they are smiling at us.

Our looks must be motivating them a lot to be jubilant and to be in full bloom state of their short existence in this universe. Whether someone notices or not, they enjoy their state of blossom and show the world that they live life to the fullest in this beautiful planet. If we observe and study them carefully, we can learn a lot from them on how to be happy during our bubble like human life—Carpe diem.

Apart from the beautiful flowers, looking at green leaves is quite soothing for our eyes. It indeed nourishes our eyes and soul; if I am not mistaken.

On an equal footing, on the flip side, it is so painful to see those fallen flowers and leaves. Whenever I look down and observe them on the ground, as far as possible, I avoid stamping on them. Why should we add more pain to them by imprinting on them? Let them have their natural decaying than a fast forward cum forceful crushing end per se.

Quite often, during my perimeter road (cemented and light grey) run around our flats, it is quite easy to spot black ants of various sizes. They often march forward with utmost passion and never say die attitude. More than anything, ants do teach us lessons about teamwork. We can also come across their solo adventures too. They move around quite energetically.

We can also come across their sheer guts to pull or push something bigger than their minuscule size in general. Let me also admit here that, I often spare them from stamping on them with my running shoe. I feel so cruel to stamp on them.

We, humans, must be looking like mammoths in front of them. It must be the same feeling when we look at elephants too. Out of sheer spontaneity, we have the advantage of stamping and hurting them a lot. Nevertheless, life on earth must be honoured for all good reasons. The planet belongs to them too. Let us live [now with masks] and let live others.

It is good to sweat out of running, and sweat is good for our skin. Maybe sweat purifies our skin by throwing out the bacteria, dirt, oils and impurities. Sweating also prompts us to drink more water. And, more importantly, water helps us to keep many joints in our body lubricated and flexible. The people who live in colder regions do not sweat at all. Running helps them a lot in sweating it out.

Running is a stress buster for all known reasons. As humans, irrespective of age, we all go through different stress levels in our personal and professional life.

The role of regular exercise and especially the role of running in reducing stress levels is noteworthy. Let me not explore others' opinions to vouch for it; let me keep my thumbs up to tell the world that, "yes, running is indeed a stress buster".

After my daily morning run, the day in hand often gives me a day filled with a lot of energy and freshness to travel some extra miles in my tasks. And, the long runs during the weekend enables me to throw out a lot of negative energy gained throughout the week and pumps in with a lot of creative energy for the week in the offing.

Apart from an increase in our overall level of health, running brings in a lot of confidence and self-esteem, which we may not be able to buy from any online stores for sure. It can help us to increase our lung function, and it can boost our immune system a lot during these days of CoronaVirus pandemic.

It will undoubtedly help our heart as well as for losing or maintaining consistent body weight. Believe me, after a few minutes of running; our brain shall do the secretion of hormones that naturally improve our mood. So, running is beneficial to our body, mind and spirit.

Last but not least, running and soaking in sunlight helps our body for the production of 'Vitamin D' a.k.a 'the sunshine vitamin' which is a crucial ingredient for our overall health...

Let's spend some time and indulge in regular exercise regime to keep our body fit and mentally agile to take on the world and to keep the process of ageing at bay.

Let me conclude here with a contemporary thought; with more immunity and with increased lungs power, we can also keep the COVID-19 at bay...

Rajesh Rajachandran

About the Author

Rajesh Rajachandran was born in Kerala a.k.a God's Own Country and holds Post Graduation in Sociology and Personnel Management along with Diploma in Labour Laws. Down the years he has been an Air Warrior in Indian Air Force, HR management person in Private Sector as well as now in PSU Bank.