"There is more to life than increasing its speed." - Gandhi.

Scene: 1

The alarm gave its first ring, and I was already making up my mind for the third snooze.

Before I woke up, I was thinking of bed coffee.

Before taking the first sip, I was searching for the Newspaper.

Holding the Newspaper, I rushed to the sports column even before finishing the day's headlines, and when the sports column arrived, it was wondering if the geyser was on or not.

I rushed my shower to grab a bite of the day's breakfast, but by the time I got dressed, I found those few minutes of breakfast too long compared to the hours of standing still at the traffic jam.

Anyway, I manoeuvred my way to office thinking of the day's meeting and attended the meeting thinking about my boss's response.

While wrapping up the meeting, I was thinking of going for an early lunch and during lunch, I was planning to finish the day early. By the time I finished the day, I wanted to rush home.

On reaching home, I wanted to catch up some time with the family, and by the time I catch up with them, I decided to catch up with a late-night movie.

By the time I played the movie, it was my office which was running on the screen.

I went to bed thinking of waking up early, and while the alarm rang, I was making up my mind for the third snooze.

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Why is it that I am rushing my life when every day is almost the same? Why is the corporate painting my brain, maybe I don't have any colour of my own?

Starting from childhood, I got hypnotised to grow big, grow fast and make lots of money, and now halfway through the journey, I think there is one big disconnect which I and my generation have created. This disconnect will be a costly affair for our future generation.

Traditionally, our lives were connected. People were related to their culture, their people, their place and their lives. It was not so long ago that the joint family was real; children grew up knowing their cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and other relatives. These children felt connected. But today?

Technological advances have resulted in less labour and more time. Who would complain about vacuum cleaners, electric stoves, smartphones, washing machine or the electric oven, but have these technologies given us more time to enjoy life as was their claim? Or have we used this time to become even busier.

We are engaged in constant fast-forward motion whereby we are often overscheduled, stressed and rushing towards the next task. This rushing is not just with our work environment alone. It applies to our food habits, family time and even our recreation as well.