Wodehouse Effect is a phenomenon. How does one find an afflicted reader?

Typically, the reader shows acute signs of burrowing – finding cozy corners or a pile of pillows to lean on, with a Wodehouse book.

The reader shows a newfound interest in Botany – Especially towards Chrysanthemum, Rhododendron and Poison Ivy.

The reader’s snack-cravings go on an overdrive – constantly nibbling on biscuits, especially when they read about buttery scones, marmalade and toasts, once every five pages!

Many books in the Fiction genre carry the reader on a swashbuckling journey of romance, adventure, murders and mysteries. What one gets out of such experiences are some facts or an adrenaline rush.

But, the experience of reading a Wodehouse book is holistic. The author first wraps you up in a comfortable blanket, opens up a story with characters that have colourful personalities, reveals one plot and the comedy of error that ensues is a web that one needn’t strain to follow.

The result of having experienced his story leaves the reader with a satisfaction of having eaten a three-course meal – warm, happy and content.

He has written numerous stories, all wearing the lens of comedy. One can draw parallels to our Chennai humorist, the late “Crazy Mohan” who has drawn inspiration from Wodehouse’s style of comedy and implemented them in his works.

His characters range from all walks of life and all social statuses. The situations they face are relatable till date that one does not feel the gap of location or age at any point of time.

PG Wodehouse books are for readers who search for artistic touches in a commercial film plot - Filled with drama and grandiose action but firmly moored by logic, finesse and innocence.

The reason I choose Wodehouse over any author is for the sense of positivity and the attitude of taking all the lemons that life gives to make Martinis.

At a time and age where parents are worried when their children pick up murder and mystery books, Wodehouse’s books are child-friendly and help find their lost innocence.

About the Author

SHRUTI BALAKRISHNAN, an avowed PG Wodehouse fan is also, a Theatre actor, Trained Classical Musician and a Classical Dancer.

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