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Why this Kolaveri?

While Addressing the Nation

It is a funny feeling when we see somebody saying that he is right when we already know he is not. We consider him illogical or immature or insane or egoist or even irrational. Now, this thought was going through my mind that what makes a person believe that he is always right? It could be his belief system installed in him, which is updated now and then. Or if he is right? The world goes by the majority. The so-called civilization that we are a part of is again a belief followed by the majority. Now tell me what happens when the majority of people in this society are lunatics. Then they become rational guys, and the rest get their spot into the asylum. So what essentially determines this?

Black Sheep or The Odd Right One ?

A better explanation can be a survival need. When things cannot control in the name of civilization, then there could be a disaster in the waiting. However, luckily we have survived that phase. Terrorism and other motivated violence is another big issue which is beyond the scope of this blog. Despite surviving a greater war of existence, have we acquired homogeneity in the rest, which the life has to offer? I doubt that. A scientist is considered more intelligent than a farmer. A scholar possesses more wisdom than a beggar. So, who decides this? Well, the majority. After all, the so-called advances in philosophy and education necessarily progress of man’s thought at some point in time. Any time in the future, a person can come out to question Newton’s law or the theory of relativity, which forms the crux of our science today. That person can be very well correct; he could face some resistance at the beginning as all the other greats had. Still, finally, he will also be accepted because the assumptions he would have made in his theorems could be lesser than Einstein’s.

I was watching the movie a beautiful mind. The movie based on real-life has the Hero, a math genius, living in an illusioned world. The Hero speaks to imaginary characters which seem real for him. For the rest of the world, he has a disease, and to him, the rest of the world is blind. This analogy applies to various episodes in our life, where one thinks he is right, whereas the other thinks otherwise.

To a person like me, watching American football is a pure waste of time, and for the majority of Americans, it is beyond happiness. Even in India, some people love to hate Cricket, but there are lovers of the game for whom Cricket is a religion. Why this discrepancy? Maybe for them, life’s seconds are more important than this silly game. And for the lovers, they are living their life to the full in those crowded stadiums.

A Captain in a World Cup Cricket Match

I want to quote an exciting scene in one of the movies I had seen. This businessman was travelling through a remote village. There he witnesses a poor farmer sitting near a lake, daydreaming. He was pretty young, as well. The businessman was worried to see this villager wasting time. He went near him and started preaching. He talked about the value of time and money. This villager after listening to all his speech started questioning him. Villager - why should I work? Businessman- To earn money. V- Why to earn money? B- To lead a luxurious life. V- Why to lead a luxurious life? B- To be happy and not to worry about the future. V- Thanks, buddy, I am already in the final stage. This scene explains what life’s perceptions are. I am not advocating one to get rest, but my thoughts here can enable one to understand why people are the way they are.

Philosophy apart, we are yet to find who we are. There are infinite thoughts and perceptions on life, my favourite one saying that the conscious being in itself is a dream and a person leads a real experience in his dream. Anything is possible since we aren't closer to understanding life, universe and God. Having said that our one conscious life is too small to delve into mysteries beyond our senses. Why question it? Let's enjoy our conscious life and be rational to other irrationalities.

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