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Embracing Uniqueness: You Are Special

In a world where conformity is often encouraged, it is vital to recognize that each and every individual possesses a unique essence. Just like the myriad of roles and responsibilities I undertook as a sailor, our lives too demand distinctive approaches tailored to our individuality. However, society tends to condition us to fit into a standardized mould, disregarding the inherent beauty and power of our differences.

During my time as a sailor, I encountered a perplexing issue with the second unit of my second generator, which would overheat rapidly. Despite my relentless efforts to address the fuel and coolant systems, I was mostly met with disappointment. It was during a fortuitous encounter with my company's vice president, Mr Vaidya, that I discovered a profound truth about embracing uniqueness.

While discussing the persistent problem with Mr Vaidya, he astoundingly remarked, "The problem is in its DNA, let's leave it at that." Though his response initially left me dumbfounded, I persisted, unwilling to accept defeat. I implored him to consider an alternative solution. It was then that he shared an illuminating personal anecdote about his time in the Indian Navy.

Mr Vaidya recounted his struggle with a seawater line in a submarine, which would consistently develop leaks. His attempts to seal one leak only led to another springing forth. However, a turning point came when the eminent scientist Sir Abdul Kalam visited their submarine. Observing the leak prevention bandages Mr Vaidya had applied, Kalam sir made a profound statement: "When you arrest a weak point with reinforcement, the next weak point would open up. This will continue as long as the weakness prevails in the line. I suggest you change the line entirely rather than wasting your time fighting the leaks."

Kalam sir's wisdom resonated deeply with me. While replacing a weak seawater line in a submarine may be a costly affair, it raised a more significant question: What about us? Should we consider replacing ourselves with an idealized, flawless model? It became evident that such a notion is both impractical and undesirable. Just as every inanimate object possesses its unique DNA, we, as human beings, are intrinsically unique in our own ways.

Everything in this world, whether living or non-living, possesses its own unique DNA. It's fascinating to discover that even objects like revolvers or guns have their own DNA. The intricate marks left on the shell casings by the bullets as they pass through the barrel are as distinct as fingerprints. These distinctive markings play a crucial role in forensic investigations, enabling experts to identify the specific gun used in a crime scene.

Items we encounter in our daily lives, such as motorbikes, washing machines, and air conditioners, also possess their individual DNA. This DNA is imprinted during the manufacturing process, where things shape up with all their inherent differences starting from the microscopic level. While they may appear similar at a surface level, a closer examination reveals the significant differences that exist among them. It's important to note that I'm not drawing a comparison between apples and oranges but between an apple and another apple.

Even the human body, with its remarkable complexity, carries a distinct DNA( and I don’t mean the actual DNA). It adapts and adjusts over time, finding equilibrium despite the inevitable deterioration that comes with age. Research suggests that medical tests beyond a certain age may often be redundant, as the body has already compensated for any abnormalities and continues to function optimally. Attempting to restore it to a standardized template may disrupt this delicate balance. Of course, this does not pertain to life-threatening situations or necessary lifestyle changes.

Similar reasoning applies to individuals at various stages of life. While some may be born with abnormalities, they find their own peace and acceptance, becoming testaments to the resilience of the human spirit. Yet, the majority of us find ourselves striving to meet ever-changing societal standards set by profit-driven corporations. Whether it be arbitrary beauty ideals or fluctuating health benchmarks, chasing these fleeting norms is a perpetual and fruitless endeavour.

It is essential to realize that you possess an inherent understanding of yourself and your body. No one knows you better than you do. Comparing yourself or your children to ever-changing standards will only perpetuate an endless pursuit of an elusive ideal. Instead, take the time to comprehend and embrace who you truly are. In doing so, you can embark on a transformative journey, liberated from the shackles of societal expectations.

Remember, everyone is unique, and our diversity should be celebrated. Break free from the confines of societal benchmarks, and embark on a path that honours your authentic self. By nurturing our individuality, we create a vibrant tapestry of human existence, where every thread contributes to the extraordinary fabric of our collective journey.

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