The Wisdom Gardener - Part IV

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The next day morning, Subbu woke up before the sun as usual and switched on the music. He continued his morning rituals of feeding the dogs and the birds and came back to the garden to water the plants. To his surprise, Priya was already there watering the plants.

“You are too early today, Madam.” smiled Subbu.

“Yes, I wanted to see how the world looks like in the early mornings.” Priya smiled back.

“Believe me, Madam; it looks the best this time. So are you going to the office today or whether you are working from home?” asked Subbu.

“I know I have been lazy of late to go to the office, but I had requested for working from home for a couple of days more till the weekend,” said Priya.

“You are getting into a habit, Madam. Make sure you don’t do this for 21 continuous days; otherwise, they say that it can very well become a habit.” smiled Subbu.

“Not at all Subbu, I would rather wake up this time for 21 days and make this a habit,” said Priya loving the early morning weather.

While watering the plants, Priya noticed that little buds have already started projecting out from the Blue Moon Plant. She felt happy inside and was keen to see it bloom soon.

Priya noticed that Subbu was picking the newly grown vegetables from the plant. She didn’t realize that the vegetables, especially brinjals and tomatoes to have grown to their fuller size.

“They look so lovely. So you want me to cook them for you?” asked Priya.

“No Madam. Let me have the honour of cooking them for you.”

“Then, please go ahead. But you never told me that you could cook” Priya was surprised.

“I am a jack of all trades and master of none madam,” replied Subbu.

“I disagree with this. For me, you are the master gardener and a master counsellor.” Priya smiled.

“Well Madam, it comes naturally for an old person like me. All we can do is advice people from our experience, and the only ones who can tolerate our advice are the plants.”

Priya laughed at Subbu’s Joke and said, “Well said Subbu, I must create a garden for my parents as well. They need it badly, or I at least need it badly for them to escape their lectures.”Subbu smiled back.

“So what is that you are going to make with these vegetables?” asked Priya.

“Well Madam, I intend to make mixed vegetable curry. One can never go wrong with this.”

“Mmm, if you are so sure about it, then can you make some of it during this Sunday as well?” asked Priya.

“Sure Madam. But is there any special reason for this?”

“Well it will be my son’s first birthday, and I want it to be special for him” answered Priya.

“That’s amazing. So do you intend to call people for the celebrations?”

“Not as of now. As you know, I have enough problems already, and the last thing I want is a fight at the party.”Priya said concerned.

“In that case, can I get some people for the party Madam?” requested Subbu.

“I don’t have any problems with that. But whom are you planning to bring?” asked Priya.

“A few good friends of mine, they will like to come, and their blessings will be good for your kid,”

“Then you can invite them, but you put a word to Sendhil as well. You never know how he reacts to things, especially of late” said Priya.

“Why do you say that, Madam?” asked Subbu.

“Well he makes a mistake and shouts